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Overlord IV

Overlord IV Episode 4 English Subbed

TV Sub Sub Released on July 26, 2022 · ? views · Posted by animelover · series Overlord IV

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Following Albedo’s departure to Re-Estize Ainz decided upon a publicity stunt to show his power and mercy. Along with Ainzach, Ainz smuggled himself into Jircniv’s Empire. Ainzach pointed out that hiring experienced adventurers could be problematic, so it would benefit Ainz to train amateurs. Ainz decided a fight in the coliseum would advertise to potential trainees, so Ainzach set up a meeting with a fight promoter. Ainz met with Fluder to gather information and rewarded his loyalty with a book detailing the exact nature of souls. Meeting Osk, the fight promotor Ainz takes an interest in an enchanted sword from the dwarven kingdom. Osk arranged for Ainz to fight the Warrior King. Now, in the present, Ainz meets the Warrior King, a troll named Go-Gin, who is quite intelligent. Deciding he likes Go-Gin Ainz offers to hire him should Go-Gin lose their fight, and he agrees. For the sake of fairness, Ainz uses no high-tier magic and equips Clementine’s triple daggers. Go-Gin is thrilled to have faced someone of Ainz’ strength and swears to one day reach his level. Ainz kills Go-Gin and announces to the audience his desire to train adventurers to explore the entire world and that they need not fear death in his service as he resurrects Go-Gin before their eyes. Out of desperation, Jircniv requests the empire become a vassal state of the Sorcerous Kingdom. Ainz hesitates but agrees to negotiate the details. Jircniv hopes to survive by being helpful as one of Ainz’ servants.

Overlord IV

Overlord IV, オーバーロード IV
Rating 8.29
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2022 Duration: 23 min. Season: Type: TV Episodes: 14 Censor: Censored Director: Casts: , , , , , ,
Ains was worried. Ains Wool Gown How do you lead this country as the king of the magical nation? By the undead who can work sleeplessly with excellent NPCs such as Albedo and Demi Urgos The magical country is now a safe and free place. However, the people who live there still have fear and anxiety, The city was as quiet as the fire was extinguished, and the former vibrancy was lost. While finding the answer, Ains visits the Adventurers' Union alone. Make a proposal to the union leader Einzak. On the other hand, the rulers of the nations who were confused by the suddenly created magical nation also took countermeasures against each. Can Ains block the plots of each country and create his own ideal hometown?

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